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Should a Christian Vote for a Mormon?

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Should a Christian Vote for a Mormon?

I recently had an honest conversation with a troubled young man who knows that I am a pastor.  Suddenly, his face became serious and he asked, “Pastor, how can Christian vote for a Mormon?”
This November’s elections will be among the most serious in our nation’s history and people are feeling its weightiness.  Christians are searching their hearts and asking many questions.  Some of these Christians are people who ordinarily are not very interested in politics but the Spirit of God has placed this burden on their hearts.
One such question is:  Should a Christian vote for a Mormon?  Mitt Romney is not running for pastor but president.  A president’s leadership is primarily political not spiritual, so I don’t see a real conflict. 
Obviously, if he were assuming a role of spiritual leadership, pastor, bishop, or priest, I would feel very differently.  Our founding fathers never envisioned a theocracy—a government without clear boundaries between the political and spiritual.
That is not to say that values and beliefs are not important.  They are of the highest priority.  All Christians should be values voters.  I am not so much concerned about a politician’s theology as I am his character.  Obviously, a man’s theology does impact how he lives.  When it comes to politicians I am far more concerned about HOW that man lives than what he believes or SAYS he believes.
Shake the tree and sample the fruit that falls!
Let’s compare some of the key moral-social values of Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney.  Let’s ask ourselves a question:  which of these men best reflect the values of Christ and the Bible?
Abortion.  The Scriptural position on abortion is LIFE.  Life begins at conception.  A woman is carrying a baby not a tumor or a parasite.  Therefore, abortion is murder; a violation of the sixth commandment (Exodus 20:13).
Romney’s position on abortion seems fuzzy when we look into his history.  But in a recent interview he said: "My position has been clear throughout this campaign.  I'm in favor of abortion being legal in the case of rape and incest, and the health and life of the mother."
Don’t you just love double talk?  His position has been clear—throughout this campaign—but not in every campaign.  We certainly need to view his position on abortion with suspicion.
On the other hand, President Obama’s position on abortion is not unclear.  He is simply put, the most abortion minded president ever.  He has consistently defended a woman’s right to choose to kill her baby.  Three times in his short political career he has opposed the “Born-Alive Infants Protection Act.”  This law would provide medical care for babies which happen to survive an abortion attempt.  Obama’s position is let the baby die by withdrawing medical care.
Which man best reflects the values of Christ?
Family, Marriage, and Civil Unions.  On May 9, 2012, Mitt Romney said he is opposed to civil unions and gay marriage and on the same day, President Barack Obama became the first president to support same-sex marriage.  Romney supports and will defend the DOMA and Obama has clearly stated that he will seek to repeal it and has already stopped defending it. [Defense of Marriage Act—which is current federal law that defines marriage a between one man and one woman.]
Obama opposes while Romney supports a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman.
Which man more closely reflects the values of Christ and the Bible?  Genesis 2:24 and Matthew 19:4-6
What about the right of conscience and the freedom to worship according to the dictates of our hearts?
President Obama’s healthcare law requires medical professionals to do procedures that violate their conscience.  It also requires religious institutions to provide for abortions and contraceptives—though it may violate their religious beliefs.  President Obama does not respect the individual’s right of conscience.
Additionally, the Obama administration has removed ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy concerning gays in the military but has sought to require military chaplains to perform gay marriages.  All this has displayed no regard for the chaplain’s denominational position or personal convictions.
Mitt Romney on the other hand has shown strong support for the individual’s religious and moral convictions and ultimately the first amendment which protects our freedom to worship and live according to the dictate of our consciences.
The question to ask is not, what party the candidate represents? Which candidate looks and speaks better, or has the most charismatic personality?  Is the candidate a Baptist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Catholic, Mormon, or Muslim?
Shake the tree and sample the fruit that falls! 
Actions speak louder than words.  I am not nearly as concerned with neither party affiliation nor church affiliation.   I am concerned with the man’s character.
Paraphrasing Martin Luther King Jr., we do not judge a man by his denomination, party affiliation, or even the color of his skin.  We judge him by the content of his character.
I plan on voting for the individual who most closely and consistently reflect the values of Christ and His Word.

Pastor Ken Fielding
* The view here is that of the author and not necessarily that of Christian Assembly of God.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Towers have fallen

The following was presented to the Zion IL community by Pastor Ken Fielding at the request of the Zion Ministerial Association on Sunday 9/11/2011 as a fitting tribute to those whose lives were lost 10 years ago with the attack on the World Trade Towers.
May it serve you as mightily as did the emergency responders serve on that day and be kept in your hearts as a memorial to those that have fallen.
The Towers have fallen
Isaiah 9:8-13
We know that the events of 9-11 are significant because here we are a decade later and—
·        We can remember where we were and what we were doing.  We remember it vividly.
·        We still see the planes hitting the towers.  We can still shed tears over what happened that fateful day.
·        Our nation was forever changed.  Our innocence was lost.  It could happen here.
·        We have been fighting a decade long war against terrorism and Islamic extremists.
Though we recognize the significance of these events—I’m not convinced though that we understand the spiritual significance of 9-11.
Most of you don’t know me very well.  I want you know from the beginning that I am a patriot.  I love this country.  My chest swells with pride when I hear our nation anthem being played when the gold medal is presented to an American athlete at the Olympics.  (Even if it’s synchronized swimming, I’m proud.)
When I watch movies like Pearl Harbor—I’m ready to fight.
I believe that America was founded on Christian principles and the Bible.
And I get mad when someone burns a flag or a knuckle head like Michael Moore or the Dixie Chicks speaks despairingly about the greatest nation in history.
So the comments I am going to make are spoken with a broken heart because the direction I see our nation going grieves my heart.
I want you know I’m a patriotic American.
Secondly, I want you to know that believe the Bible is God’s inerrant Word.  I resolutely believe the Bible.
Third, I believe God is the Creator and Sovereign of the Universe.  He created everything—visible and invisible.  And He rules and is in control of everything that happens.  I don’t believe in happenstance, chance, or luck.  I don’t believe the events of 9-11 were a surprise to the Lord.  He knows every thought of every person on the planet.  The Lord monitors the movements of every person.  Friend, nothing takes place without His knowledge of it; His permission for it; and at times His action behind it.
So when we look back on the tragic events of a decade ago—I believe God was sending America—us a message.
In text I have chosen this evening—the nation of Israel too had suffered a tremendous tragedy.  In this case, the nations surrounding Israel had risen up against her and dealt here a serious blow.  The Arameans, the Philistines, and Syrians had attacked Israel and destroyed much of Ephraim and even reached the capital city of Samaria.
I remember in the wake of 9-11, pastors, politicians, and media moguls were all trying to explain the reason; to answer the questions behind this tragedy.  Was it a message from God?  Was it a tragic set of circumstances?  Was it just one of those things?
Here in Isaiah 9:8-9—God answered this question for Israel
The lord has sent a message against Jacob; it will fall on israel.  All the people will know it—Ephraim and the inhabitants of Samaria—

God said—this thing is My doing.  I am behind it.  I am using the peoples who surround you to chastise and rebuke you.  This isn’t accident.
Now friends, I am not being un-American or unpatriotic—when I say that God has sent and is sending His warnings, judgments, and rebukes against this nation.  What I’m suggesting may not fit your theological frame work but it does clearly fit within the parameter of God’s Word.
Here’s where I really want you to attention.  This is the most important part of the message.  Look at Israel’s response to the Lord’s discipline:  Isaiah 9:9-10
(Ephraim and samaria) who say with pride and arrogance of heart, “the bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with dressed stone; the fig trees have been felled, but we will replace them with cedars.

Instead of the people turning to the Lord in repentance and brokenness—a spirit of national pride welled up within them.  A rugged individualism; an independent spirit; a defiant spirit—that said—WE WILL REBUILD.  WE ARE A GREAT NATION.  A MIGHTY PEOPLE.  THIS LITTLE SET BACK WILL NOT KEEP US DOWN.  WE BUILD BIGGER AND STRONGER THAN BEFORE!
Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Friends, the towers are being rebuilt.  The original towers were 1368’ tall.  A new tower is being built.  80 of its 104 floors are built.  When it is finished it will reach 1776’ in the air.  They say that from top, you will be able to see the bent of the earth at the pole.
My friends, I cannot deny that for a season it seemed that America might turn back to God.  Churches were full.  People gathered for prayer all across the nation.  Politicians stood on Capitol Hill and sang:  God bless America.  And during the seventh inning stretch at baseball games—fans stood and sang the same.
It looked good—it had the appearance of repentance; of turning to the Lord.  But for repentance there be considered genuine there must be fruit—as John the Baptist said—in keeping with repentance.  Change has to accompany it.
Was it genuine repentance that we witnessed after 9-11?  Many of the same legislators that stood in unity singing God Bless America—continued voted for legislation that funded aborts; gambling, and gay marriage.  The people who sang in our stadiums—one minute afterward went right back to drinking their beer.  Is that repentance?
What have done the same thing Israel did when God sought to bring correction to her.  We have had a swelling of national pride but repentance is absent.  Thousands have gathered to remember—but how many have gathered to repent and turn to God?
Isaiah 9:12-13—Yet for all this, his anger is not turned away, his hand is still upraised.  But the people have not returned to him who struck them, nor have they sought the Lord Almighty.

When a people comes under divine correction; when God begins to deal with us—we have one of two choices.  We will either respond to the Lord with humility and brokenness and turn back to Him.  Or we will hard ourselves in our self-reliance and arrogance. 
Nineveh repented.  From the king who sat on the throne to the lowest servant—they repented at the preaching of Jonah.  And judgment was averted.  Israel however, hardened themselves and would not turn back.
As I was mediating on these verses—I was thinking about how people react to being struck.  If I had a switch and sneaked up on you and swatted you in the pants—you jump, you yell, move forward quickly—to get out of my reach—but then you would look back to see what just happened.
The people have not returned to him who struck them…They haven’t even looked back.  They are unmoved; un-phased; unimpressed.
In fact—three times here in Isaiah 9 we read these words following a threat of impending judgments:  Isaiah 9:12,17, and 21
Yet for all this, his anger is not turned away, his hand is still upraised.

Israel refused to repent and turn to the Lord—and promised further judgments.  Friend, God is not finished with America.  9-11, Katrina, Tornados, drought, floods, economic crisis.  If there is not repentance—genuine repentance (from the White House; to the Court House; to the school house; the church house—and your house and my house)  God’s hand of reproof and judgment will strike again.
Isn’t America doing the same thing as ancient Israel?  Do you want proof of our impenitent, stubborn heart?
All across America, even in NYC, all around the city—people gathered for prayer.  Today, at the 9-11 Memorial Service at Ground Zero, not even a pastor nor a even a prayer is included in the program.
I’m sorry, if you came expecting a sentimental, emotional outpouring.  I apologize to my brothers in ministry, if I have let you down.  But I feel in my heart that God is speaking to this nation.  He is speaking to us—personally; individually.  He is calling us to return to Him.  To humble ourselves before Him.  To seek His face.  To rend our hearts and not our garments.
Hosea 6:1-3—Come, let us return to the Lord.  He has torn us to pieces but he will heal us; HE has injured us but he will bind up our wounds.  After two days he will revive us; on the third day he will restore us, that we may live in his presence.  Let us acknowledge the Lord; Let us press on to acknowledge him.  As surely as the sun rises he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth.

Pastor Ken Fielding – Christian Assembly of God.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Words Have Meaning

PROVOCATIVE:  serving or tending to provoke, excite, or stimulate; stimulating discussion or exciting controversy.
HOLOCAUST:  an act of mass destruction and loss of life

GENOCIDE: systematic killing of a racial or cultural group

ETHNIC CLEANSING:  the mass expulsion and killing of one ethnic or religious group in an area by another ethnic or religious group in that area

EUGENICS:  the study of methods of improving the quality of the human race, esp. by selective breeding

Now that I have taken the time to define the terms, I will write an article that I hope is PROVOCATIVE.  I hope this article PROVOKES a response.  By very definition, abortion in America is a HOLOCAUST.  It is the mass destruction and loss of life.  Babies are being destroyed in their mother’s womb.  Since abortion was legalized in America, we have killed 50,000,000 babies.  Let me put that into perspective.
During Hitler’s campaign during World War II, two thirds of the European Jewish population were killed, specifically 6,000,000.  That means abortion in the country has claimed more than 8 times as many lives as The Holocaust!  Hasn’t abortion earned the right to the title HOLOCAUST?

Genocide is the systematic killing of a racial group.  Consider this:

  • 40% of African-American pregnancies end in abortion.  That’s 3X the rate of white women.
  • African-Americans account for 12% of the population but 30% of the abortions.
  •  For every 1.3 black children born, one is aborted.
  • Abortion kills more black people than the seven leading causes of death combined (heart disease, cancer, strokes, accidents, diabetes, homicide, and chronic lower respiratory diseases) according to CDC data.
  • Abortion has claimed 14,000,000 African-American lives.
  • 78% of Planned Parenthood clinics are in predominately black neighborhoods.  Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the nation.
  •  Planned Parenthood receives in excess of $300 million from the federal government and is not subject to any taxes.
From the data shown above, could the case be made that the U.S. government is committing genocide against African-Americans through abortion by the hand of Planned Parenthood?
Planned Parenthood’s foundations are rooted in radical racism and eugenics.  It cannot be doubted that Planned Parenthood founder, Margret Sanger was a proponent of negative eugenics; that is the sterilization and birth prevention of those deemed inferior or unfit.  Listen to this statement from Sanger testifying before congress.

“The main objective of the [proposed] Population Congress is to…apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is already tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.”
– Margaret Sanger, “Plan for Peace”, 1932 Senate hearing

Do you believe that Sanger was a radical, racist of a by-gone era?  Do you believe this attitude has since passed?  Consider presiding Supreme Court justice, Ruth Bader-Ginsburg:

“Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”
– Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg in NY Times Mag, July 2009

I know that what I am saying is PROVOCATIVE.  Abortion is a HOLOCAUST against the innocent and GENOCIDE, a planned, systematic, murder of a racial group.  What I find even more PROVOCATIVE is the silence of the nation.  The United States has fought wars to protect the innocent.  America’s deadliest war was to protect and free a racial group and yet most are silent, even African-Americans, the one group that should be most sensitive to this issue!

Yes, I hope you find this article PROVOCATIVE.  I hope it provokes you to action.

  1. Support Zion Family Resource Center—financially, prayerfully, or as a volunteer.
                  Family Resource Center of Zion
                 1622- 23rd St. Zion, Il. 60099
                 Bus.(847) 731-8370
     2.    Call, write, or email your Rep. Joe Walsh and ask him to support HR 3, a bill to defund abortion in America.
432 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3711

3.  Vote Prolife
4.  Above all else....pray!

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